How To Obtain A Work Visa In Canada

If you are interested in becoming a temporary foreign worker in Canada, it can be a challenging process to obtain a Canadian work permit and we can help. In order to meet Canadian work permit requirements, it is necessary to match the employment terms and conditions to immigration law criteria, and also complete all steps properly to minimize the processing time.

We Handle Canadian Work Permit Applications and Renewals

There are numerous programs under NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) and the Immigration Act that can be utilized to the advantage of both the individual and the firm. This involves understanding which approaches will lead to an expedited approval of your work visa, and which ones do not. As is the case with any immigration application, it is very important to get things right the first time around, so you can save money, time, and frustration. Working with a lawyer that understands work permit requirements is a must.

The Canadian Work Permit and Immigration Law Professionals

Our team of immigration lawyers and professionals understand Canadian immigration requirements, as well as the regulations for work permits. We have successfully assisted many individuals with navigating the hurdles of obtaining a work permit, and our experience encompasses both the initial application process as well as renewals.

Whether you need assistance with matters regarding skilled workers, expired work permits, renewals, work permit fees, or a wide range of other work permit issues, we are the team to call. Our founder is an immigration law expert, with experience working with foreign workers and Canadian companies in numerous industries.

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