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Are Surrogate Parents Criminals in Canada?

Are Surrogate Parents Criminals in Canada? Surrogacy is a method of gestation by which a woman agrees to carry a pregnancy for another person(s), who will eventually become the newborn child’s parents after birth. While surrogacy is allowed in principle and in practice there are a series of legal restrictions that affect surrogate parents along […]

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Sponsor your family members to Canada

Do you wish to sponsor your family members who are outside Canada to come and live here in Canada? The family unit is usually a great support network and living away from very close family members could be difficult. Even though technology has helped families across the globe stay in touch with each other, you […]

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Foreign Divorce Opinion Letter; divorce obtained outside Canada

If you obtained a divorce outside Canada, you must seek authorization from the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services before you can get a marriage licence in Ontario. You will also need to get a letter of Opinion recognizing a divorce obtained outside Canada. You must complete the following forms: Marriage Licence Application (PDF);   […]

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Recognition of foreign Divorces

Recognition of foreign Divorces. Wilson v. Kovalev, 2016 ONSC 163 The Ontario Superior Court of Justice recently determined whether a divorce obtained outside Canada (in Peru) in 2009, by the parties should be recognized for the purposes of determining the parties’ marital status in Canada. Wilson and Kovalev were married in Lima, Peru on July 3, 2006.  […]

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