Help With Ontario Child Support Guidelines

What is Child Support?

Child support is financial support that parents are required to provide to support financially dependent children. Ontario child support guidelines typically consider children to be dependent until they turn 18, but it may be longer. In addition to birth parents, a parent can also be a non-birth parent, a step-parent, or an adoptive parent.

Which Parent Pays Child Support in Ontario?

According to child support guidelines, when parents aren’t living together the parent who typically spends the least time with the dependent child is the one who pays child support to the parent that cares for the child the majority of the time. Child support money is provided to assist with paying for the cost of caring for and raising the child when the parents separate or divorce.

If you and your spouse spend an equal amount of time with the child, Ontario child support guidelines usually require the parent that earns a higher income to pay support. This can be determined by a child support agreement or court order. The parent that pays child support is referred to the payor parent.

How is Ontario Child Support Calculated?

If you and your spouse can reach an agreement regarding child support on your own, you can avoid going to court, but if such an agreement is not possible, our family law professionals are here to assist you with determining the potential amount of Ontario child support you may be entitled to receive or to pay, and help you protect your interests and that of your child.

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